The MBMC invites physicians to take part in the optimization of a training program to help them support lasting health behavioural changes in their patients living with chronic diseases.

Online and free

Wednesday September 7 (5:30PM to 9:30PM) and Thursday, September 8 (5:30PM to 7:00PM)

Participants can claim up of 5 hours of Section 3 Simulation Activity credits, as defined by the Maintenance of Certification Program (MOC) of The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. As detailed below, a focus group activity will be held on Thursday, September 8th, from 5:30PM to 7:00PM, as part of the study.

For further information or to participate:

Contact the study coordinator and doctoral candidate Brigitte Voisard at


  • Participants will attend a 4-hour online training program in evidence-based Motivational Communication strategies for health behaviour change counselling.
  •  As part of the accredited Simulation Activity, they will be asked to complete a 20-minute online competency assessment, before and after the training.
  • As part of the research study, they will be asked to complete a 20-minute pre-training questionnaire. They will be asked to participate to a 90-minute focus group or a one-on-one interview taking place within one week of the training. Three months after the training, they will be asked to complete a final online questionnaire and competency assessment.
  • As compensation for their time and feedback, participants will be offered $100 in Amazon gift cards.
  • Please note that participant’s implication will be entirely confidential.

The MOTIVATOR program was co-developed by the MBMC and the Canadian Thoracic Society and was planned to achieve scientific integrity, objectivity and balance. Physician involvement in this study will allow us to tailor this training program to health care professionals and help them engage patients in healthier lifestyles, which is more important than ever.