A Great Opportunity: Learn to Live Healthy Every Day!

The ACCELERATION 2.0 program aims to change eating and/or physical activity habits… and it’s free!

This innovative project is aimed at all people across Canada, particularly those at risk of developing chronic diseases. Why? 80% of premature chronic diseases can be avoided by being active, eating healthy, avoiding smoking and limiting alcohol consumption. Yet most Canadians are not doing enough to take full advantage of these protective factors.

Building on our successes and lessons learned from our original program, ACCELERATION 2.0 is a science-based digital solution designed by multidisciplinary experts in the field. Program activities are diverse and interactive enabling participants to achieve their goals. The building blocks of our intervention include:

  • A 12-week program including educational workbooks on popular health topics
  • Virtual one-on-one sessions and virtual group peer support sessions
  • Access to a health library that includes recorded webinars on various health topics, recipes, exercise videos prepared by a team of certified kinesiologists, and more!

Two facilitators will guide you through this program: Marla Calixte-Robert and Fanie St-Jean Miron, two certified kinesiologists from the Montreal Behavioral Medicine Center. Please note that your participation is voluntary and that you may withdraw at any time.

Are you eligible?

  • Yes, if you are 18 years or older
  • No, if your internet access is unreliable or limited
  • No, if you are pregnant
  • No, if your drinking habits fall outside the Canadian low-risk alcohol consumption guidelines
  • No, if you are participating in another research study
  • No, if you were diagnosed with cancer in the last five years or a cardiovascular disease in the 12 months
  • No, if you have chronic lung disease


A new group of participants will begin our program near the end of February or early in March. We will be holding 30-minute info sessions soon about how to join this group. Please revisit this page again for more details.  

For more information, write to us at acceleration.cnmtl@ssss.gouv.qc.ca

Your involvement in ACCELERATION 2.0 will help you realize the importance of healthy living. You will also help us push the boundaries of clinical research, education and evidence-based care, allowing us to continue to strengthen the hearts of our communities, near and far!

We look forward to meeting you soon!


*This research project has been approved by the CIUSSS-NIM Research Ethics Committee.