• Train at the MBMC
    The MBMC offers training opportunities to health professionals
    in the areas of research methods and behavioral medicine interventions

Train with Us

As leaders in behavioural medicine, the MBMC offers a number of professional development training sessions in the areas of behavioural interventions, stress management, motivational communication, psychometrics, interviewing techniques, laboratory techniques, and cognitive-behaviour approaches to health behaviour change. Examples of workshop topics include:

  • Motivational communication to improve adherence in medical settings
  • Innovations in cardiopulmonary rehabilitation
  • How to develop and test behavioural interventions
  • The impact of psychological factors in respiratory disease patients

To date the MBMC team have trained over 8,000 health care professionals including physicians, nurses, kinesiologists, dieticians/nutritionists, psychologists, and pharmacists.

For information about future training events, contact us.

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