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Montreal Heart Institute




Using cross-sectional data collected during a standard SPECT exercise test and from an endothelial function study, the current study will assess the mechanistic role of blood pressure and endothelial function in the presentation of silent ischemia. In addition, the current study will track the patients cardiac events over 5-years to assess the longitudinal role ischemia, pain, and endothelial function play in the morbidity and mortality. The aim of this study is to understand why people might not feel any pain when their heart does not get enough blood and how this condition, called silent ischemia, may influence future health. The goals of this study are to better assessing and detailing the pain-blood pressure association in patients undergoing exercise stress testing, to assess the influence of endothelial function on the pain, blood pressure, ischemia relationship; and to explore the long term impact of these factors on patient health.