• Participate in a Study
    The MBMC is always looking for new participants.
    Our studies focus on how lifestyle influences chronic diseases and how people can achieve a healthy lifestyle.


The MBMC has many ongoing studies, and we are always looking for new participants. These studies are centered on understanding how lifestyle (e.g., diet, exercise, or stress) influences the development and progression of chronic diseases, mostly heart and lung diseases, and helping people achieve a healthy lifestyle.

We not only study people who have a particular chronic disease, but also healthy individuals. A large range of people are therefore eligible to participate in one of our interesting studies.

Patient-Investigators Needed

We are currently looking for patients to serve as patient-investigators:

Research Participants Needed

We are currently looking for participants for the following projects:

If you would like to learn more about one of our ongoing studies, if you would like to see if you might be eligible to participate in one of our studies, or if you are interested in participating in one of our studies, please contact us.

Read more about our ongoing studies.

What are the advantages of participating?

Depending on the different objectives, we have studies that can offer participants a range of free interventions, such as an exercise program, a health check, a course on nutrition, etc. We invite you to consult the “projects” section for more information on the benefits of participating in one of our current projects.


Why participate in research?
Health research is an essential element to the development of medical knowledge that will ultimately help improve health services offered to the population. Improvement of services is at the heart of the MBMC; your participation is essential to this research.

Can anyone participate?
Each project has its own eligibility criteria. It is possible that you might not correspond to the criteria for a particular project, but that you are an ideal candidate for another. We invite you to contact us by calling 514-338-2222, extension 3989, so that we can determine your eligibility and, as the case arises, put you in touch with the research coordinator.

Do I have to travel?
Most of our projects require at least one trip. Our aim is to accommodate you as best as possible by planning visits based on your schedule. The time investment required and the duration of each project varies.

Will I need to take new medications?
None of the MBMC projects aim to test new drugs. Instead, our research is focused on changing lifestyles, bettering management of symptoms and improving general health.

Will I be compensated for my participation?
Some projects provide financial compensation, which may vary depending on the involvement of the participant. On the other hand, parking or transit fees are generally covered by the MBMC.

What is the deadline to register for a study?
We are always looking for participants for our studies. You can see the list of current projects by consulting the Projects section of our website or contact us (514-338-2222, ext. 3989) so that we can direct you to a study.

Will I receive results from the research?
The results are not systematically sent to patients, since data analysis is a process that can take several years. On the other hand, it is possible to know the scientific publications that have been completed for each project by consulting our Publications.

If I change my mind, can I withdraw from the study?
Your participation is voluntary and you can withdraw from a study by communicating your decision to the contact person responsible for the project in which you are involved.

Who funds your studies?
The MBMC studies are generally funded by government grants. For exact sources of funding for each project, you can consult the Projects section of our website.