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Published in: theGlobeandMail.com | Globe Life | July 20, 2010

A study conducted at the Montreal Heart Institute has yielded a surprising result – living with children is linked to a reduction in physical activity.

Concordia University professor Doctor Simon L. Bacon led the study with included 7556 participants.

The study assessed the impact of social networks on exercise, revealing that people with heart disease who live with children exercise less than those people who don’t live with children.

The researchers were trying to figure out why the majority of heart patients don’t succeed in following an exercise regimen, event though its advantages are widely known.

The study finds that living with someone, for example a spouse, has no impact on participation in physical activities, but living with children has a negative influence on a parent’s ability to exercise.

Bacon says the findings show that health professionals should reconsider how they motivate their patients to change their lifestyle habits, suggestion that health y lifestyle tips should target the whole family.