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Doctors in Canada prescribe more opioids per capita than in any other country, though their risks are well-known and long-term benefits unclear. Non-opioid alternative therapies, such as cognitive behavioural therapy, are often cited by many national guidelines as treatment alternatives.

Led by clinical health psychologist Dr. Joshua Rash (Memorial University, Newfoundland), MBMC Co-Director Dr. Kim Lavoie is part of a CIHR-funded “dream team” of Canadian researchers and partners investigating the knowledge and practice of healthcare providers surrounding opioid prescription for chronic non-cancer pain. “The ultimate goal of this work is to optimize prescribing practices in order to prevent opioid-related morbidity and mortality without restricting a health-care provider’s ability to select the most appropriate treatment for an individual patient,” said Dr. Rash. “The team members are well-connected with government and public policy and are very savvy when it comes to knowledge translation.”

Source: Memorial University Gazette. April 2018. Read full article