iCARE Ambassador for COVID-19 Prevention and Community Health

In March 2020, the Montreal Behavioural Medicine Centre (MBMC) launched the International Assessment of COVID-19-related Attitudes, Concerns, Responses and Impacts in Relation to Public Health Policies (iCARE) study, which asks people about their concern and experiences during the pandemic. Completing and sharing the survey can be beneficial for the fight against COVID-19, as results are frequently shared with individuals involved in policy-making and public health. New versions of this online survey are released approximately every six weeks.

The iCARE team is looking for individuals to nominate themselves as iCARE Ambassadors to promote the iCARE study and COVID-19 prevention.

Responsibilities of iCARE Ambassadors include to:

  1. Engage your community (i.e., personal and professional networks) to help reduce the negative impacts of COVID-19.
  2. Complete the iCARE survey when new versions are released (e.g., monthly).
  3. Share the iCARE survey with personal and professional networks regularly (e.g., monthly).

Members of the iCARE Ambassador program will have their names featured on the iCARE website and gain access to tools to help them engage with their community (i.e., Facebook frames, network with experts in behavioural medicine).


Contact us at covid19study@mbmc-cmcm.ca


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