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Central to the mission of the MBMC is to promote healthy lifestyles and reduce the overall burden of chronic disease within the community. It is therefore critical for our research to be accessible to the general public.

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Hypertension & Lifestyle Modifications

December 13, 2014

Talk by Dr. Simon Bacon “Lifestyle Modification as a Prescription for Hypertension” in which he talks about, in particular, physical exercise and stress management.

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Efficacy of exercise presentation at the 2015 iCEPS conference

March 23, 2015

Dr. Simon Bacon’s presentation at the 2015 iCEPS conference in Montpellier, France.

Symposium sur la réadaptation cardiorespiratoire

February 23, 2015

Les Drs Lavoie et Bacon présentent deux conférences lors du Symposium sur la réadaptation cardiorespiratoire de l’Université Laval en février 2015.

New publication in Journal of Anxiety Disorders

February 12, 2015

The vasovagal response (VVR) is a common medical problem, complicating and deterring people from various procedures. VVR involves processes similar to those observed during episodes of strong emotions and pain. We hypothesized that heightened perceived control would reduce symptoms of VVR.

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